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Complimentary Therapies
Complimentary Therapies

Swedish Body Massage
20.00 30 mins - Back, Neck & Shoulder
30.00 55 mins -
Full Body
An excellent treatment for tackling stress induced tension and muscular aches and pains. You are left feeling totally relaxed, invigorated and energised at the same time

Indian Head Massage
£17.00 30 mins
Regular Indian Head Massages help to reduce and in some cases remove, symptoms of stress and tension in the head, neck and shoulder areas altogether. A very relaxing and invigorating treatment.

£22.00 45 mins
Reflexology is an extremely relaxing form of therapy which uses gentle but firm pressure applied to the reflex areas of the feet. A treatment can help to activate the healing powers of our bodies. For maximum results a course of six is recommended.

Hopi Ear Candling
£22.00 45 mins
This is a deeply relaxing treatment that helps to relieve stress aswell as easing many symptoms relating to the upper part of the body e.g. hayfever,
headaches/migraines, insomnia, sinusitis to name a few. To accelerate the release of toxins from your body this treatment
includes a lymphatic drainage facial massage.

Hot Stone Massage
25.00 30 mins - Back, Neck & Shoulder
35.00 1 hour
- Full Body
A deeply penetrating and luxurious treatment that combines the effects of heat and massage. Hot basalt stones are
used to massage the body which help to relax you aswell as to bring balance and healing - both emotionally and physically.

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